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LABEL MATRIX 2014 PowerPro

Teklynx LABEL MATRIX 2014 PowerPro Barcode Label Design Software

Software License Sent via E-mail from Teklynx within 1-2 Business Days

Discontinued - Replace with Teklynx LABEL MATRIX 2015

  Teklynx LABEL MATRIX 2014 PowerPro Barcode Software

Teklynx LABEL MATRIX 2014 easy-to-use barcode label design software with an intuitive user interface and helpful label design wizards. Teklynx LABEL MATRIX 2014 offers seamless integration with the Windows 8.1 operating system and expanded licensing options to support virtual environments.

Designed to grow with your business, LABEL MATRIX 2014 is a feature-rich application for companies with basic labeling needs who are looking for an entry point into TEKLYNX’ full range of trusted solutions. TEKLYNX’ tiered product line allows users to easily convert their existing label templates from one barcode label design software application to another as their labeling needs become more complex due to product or process expansion.

TEKLYNX’ subscription licensing options include upgrades and technical support at no additional cost to support the evolution of a company’s labeling needs.

Teklynx LABEL MATRIX 2014 PowerPro has the ability to print linear and 2D barcode labels to thermal and thermal transfer printers. Teklynx LABEL MATRIX PowerPro is available in network (multi-user) licensing.

 Teklynx LABEL MATRIX PowerPro is an intuitive application with an easy-to-navigate interface. Helpful wizards guide you through adding text, images, barcodes, connecting to a database, and more design options for barcode labels that ensure a straightforward process.

Teklynx LABEL MATRIX 2014 is compatible virtually with every barcode printer. Teklynx LABEL MATRIX PowerPro supports over 2,200 printers as well as any Windows-based printer, giving users the widest range of thermal transfer or laser printers to choose from. Teklynx consistently adds new drivers to keep up with the ever-growing list of available printers.

TEKLYNX Label Matrix Bar Code Software

Teklynx LABEL MATRIX PowerPro
Barcode Software

Discontinued - Replace with
Teklynx LABEL MATRIX 2015

Teklynx LABEL MATRIX PowerPro includes hundreds of label samples and templates spanning from address labels to RFID labels. These samples and templates allow users to meet virtually any labeling requirements.

Teklynx LABEL MATRIX wizards can act as training guides when new users begin using the application. These wizards can be used for everything from selecting a printer, to database setup, to 2D barcode configuration. After you’re comfortable with the interface, you can easily turn off the wizards and create designs on your own.

Teklynx LABEL MATRIX 2014 PowerPro allows users to deliver interactive marketing content to customers through the addition of a QR Code on every label that leaves your door. Teklynx LABEL MATRIX 2014 PowerPro has the ability to easily add QR Codes to the label designs you already use.

  TEKLYNX LABEL MATRIX 2014 is the newest iteration of TEKLYNX’ application for simple labeling needs.

▪ Enhancements to the barcode label design software include:
▪ Windows 8.1 Compatibility – LABEL MATRIX 2014 was designed for use with the latest Windows operating system to allow users to print and design labels on a faster, safer platform.
▪ Multiple Licensing Options – In addition to perpetual and 1-, 3- and 5-year subscription licensing options, LABEL MATRIX 2014 offers a Virtual Machine (VM) subscription licensing option to support a broad range of labeling environments and system configurations.
▪ Improved Network Licensing Tolerance – LABEL MATRIX 2014 addresses periodic network instability by proactively lengthening run time instead of disconnecting. This prevents productivity loss by enabling users to continue working in the system during network outages or downtime.
▪ Added Expressions to Calculate – LABEL MATRIX 2014 includes the CRC-16 and Pharma-Zentral-Number (PZN) check digits to help ensure data accuracy within label designs and meet regulatory needs.
▪ Multi-Lingual Online Help Files – Context-sensitive online help files are available in English and Spanish to support users in Latin America.

  TEKLYNX LABEL MATRIX 2014 PowerPro Quick Specifications

▪ For Windows® 8.1, Windows® Server 2012 R2, Windows® 7, Windows® Server 2008 R2, Windows® Vista, Windows® Server 2003, and Windows ®XP SP3
▪ Intuitive interface
▪ Simple design features
▪ Suitable for beginning to advanced users
▪ Dozens of label design samples are included with the software to help you create compliance labels
▪ Support for over 100 barcode symbologies
▪ 12 languages supported

  Teklynx LABEL MATRIX 2014 Barcode Software Features

▪ Easily add unique borders, backgrounds, and formatting including custom spacing, outlines, or shadows.
▪ Store all of your external design elements (images, text) within the same folder as your label design to keep your files organized.
▪ Control user permissions to certain label designs to ensure your designs are never edited by a user without the proper permissions.
▪ View multiple labels in preview mode to double-check accuracy prior to printing.
▪ Wizard-driven interface helps users add text, images, barcodes, and more with minimal training.

  Teklynx LABEL MATRIX 2014 Barcode Software Benefits

▪ Save time on training your employees.
▪ Fast track your barcode labeling with samples and templates.
▪ Take advantage of QR codes and maximize your advertising and marketing.

  TEKLYNX LABEL MATRIX 2014 PowerPro Bar Code Software Specifications

Bar Code Symbologies: Linear Bar Code Support:  Codabar, Code 39 (3 of 9), Extended 39, Code 93, Extended 93, Code 128 Auto, Code 128A, Code 128B, Code 128C, EAN/JAN-8 (4), EAN/JAN-13 (3), EAN/UCC-8 (3), EAN/UCC-13 (3),  EAN/UCC-14, GS1-128, HIBC, Intelligent Mail , Interleaved 2 of 5, ITF-14, MSI Plessey, PLANET Code, Zip+4 POSTNET,  UCC/EAN 128, UCC-12 (3), UCC-128, UCC-128 Coupon Code, UPC-A, UPC-A Plus 2, UPC-A Plus 5, UPC-E1 6 Digit, UPC-E1 6 Digit Plus 2, UPC-E1 6 Digit Plus 5, UPC-E :11, UPC-E :11 Plus 2, UPC-E :11 Plus 5, UPC-E :0 6 Digit (3), UCC/EAN-128 Coupon Code - UPC-A , UCC/EAN-128 Coupon Code - EAN-13, GS1-128 Coupon Code - EAN-13, GS1-128 Coupon Code - UPC-A, ISBN-13, ISBT-128, UPC-E, SSCC-14, SSCC-18

2D/Multi-Dimensional Support: Aztec, Aztec Mesa, Code 16K Auto, Code 16K A, Code 16K B, Code 16K C, Code 49, Data Matrix, EAN/ UCC Composites (6), MaxiCode, MicroPDF 417, PDF 417, QR Code, RSS-14 Composites (8), GS1 Composites (6), GS1 Databar (8), GS1 Data Matrix, TLC39

Database Support (OLE DB/ODBC/ASCII): Access all popular database types including ASCII (comma, tab and quote delimited), DB2, dBase, FoxPro, Informix, Lotus Smart Suite, Microsoft Office, Oracle, Paradox, SQL and others.

Language Support: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish

Printer Support: TEKLYNX LABEL MATRIX PowerPro supports over 2,100 specialized thermal and thermal-transfer label printers and any printer with a valid Windows driver supplied by the manufacturer. Printer drivers included with TEKLYNX LABEL MATRIX 8 PowerPro are installed to the program's Drivers' directory when the program is installed. Some printers include both a native driver and an extended driver for the same printer model, designated in the program as follows: (L) = Driver is a native software driver (developed specifically for use with this label design software) (X) = Driver is from an extended driver set (giving you access to the driver's advanced properties)

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Support: LABEL MATRIX is RFID made simple - the easy solution for closed-loop RFID label printing to meet EPC and DoD compliance standards. It features an easy-to-use interface for users printing and programming RFID labels, while still offering the advanced functionality needed for today's RFID label printing applications. TEKLYNX LABEL MATRIX 8 PowerPro supports the most popular RFID tags.

Teklynx LABEL MATRIX 2014 PowerPro Features
Print-only version
Network version
Keyless Software Application
Live Print Preview (view multiple labels with “live” variable data displayed)
Label Specific Security
Over 100 compliance label templates included
Label Background templates with round label formats
Automatic paragraph sizing & scale to fit
Bulleted & numbered lists with hanging indents
Graphic formats import (bmp, pcx, jpg, tif, etc.)
Color support
Linear bar code support
UCC/EAN 128 and MaxiCode wizards
2D bar code support
Extended 2D support including TLC39 and QR Code
Keyboard entry at print time
Double entry (verification) ability
PickList "drop-down" data entry
Data retrieved from a database file
Counters (serial numbers) with support for alpha/numeric
Counters with custom numbering abilities
Date and time stamping using multiple formats
Advanced math, string and logical functions
Expansion Variables (use code “shortcuts” in expressions)
Configure an ODBC/OLE DB data source
Sequential database access
Keyed database access
SQL query capability/SQL Query Builder Wizard
Retrieve data from unlimited number of databases per label
Includes separate Database Editor program
Data Grid for viewing database records
Directly edit database records in the Data Grid
Windows driver printer support
Support for over 2,700 thermal & thermal transfer printers
Variable duplicate label count from any origin
Stacked printing ability with muliple labels per page
Reverse the order of pages in a print job
Print to file **
Print to picture
Pocket LABEL MATRIX support ** (1 license)
Directly modify printer code with Job Modifier
Automatic printing from a source database (AutoPrint)
Command line support
Export image and variable information to a data file (Write Data)
Save all external attached files with the label design (Bundle Save) **
View & customize reports generated from label log files (Log Viewer) **
Code Converter label conversion utility
Extended RFID Tag support (HF + UHF)
** Not available in Print Pack  


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