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PSC Barcode Scanner

PSC Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner - Duet / Magellan 1000i

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PSC Handheld Barcode Scanner - QS2500 / QS6000 / QS6500 / QS6500BT Bluetooth Cordless Barcode Scanner

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psc qs6500 quickscan handheld barcode scanner

PSC QS6500 QuickScan
Linear Image Barcode Scanner

(Click Picture for Specifications)


  PSC QuickScan QS6500 Hand Held Linear Image Barcode Scanner

The PSC QuickScan QS6500 is PSC’s newest general purpose handheld linear image barcode scanner, featuring the latest in linear imaging technology. 

Designed for retail, office, healthcare and light industrial customers looking for a handheld linear image barcode scanner that has premium performance and durability at an affordable price, the PSC QuickScan QS6500 linear image barcode scanner offers the best price and performance in the market.

The PSC QuickScan QS6500 linear image barcode scanner provides many benefits including aggressive barcode scanning performance, an ergonomic enclosure, excellent depth-of-field, fast 1D barcode reading, bright targeting beam, and superior durability and reliability.


Aggressive linear imaging performance with up to 14 Inch depth of field

Supports most 1D symbologies including RSS-14

Withstands repeated 5 foot drops to concrete

Ergonomically comfortable over extended time periods

Maximum 450 scans per second

Light grey or black color

5 Year Manufacturers Warranty


PSC QS6000 quickscan hand held laser barcode scanner specifications

PSC QS6000 QuickScan
Hand Held Barcode Scanner

(Click Picture for Specifications)

  PSC QuickScan 6000 Hand Held Laser Barcode Scanner  

The PSC QS6000 QuickScan has a high first pass read rate and the best-to-read of any hand held barcode scanner in it's class.

The PSC QuickScan 6000 is designed specifically for retail POS and features an unprecedented combination: the superior performance and rugged design of a high-end POS barcode scanner and an affordable price.

The PSC QS6000 scan motor is made from hardened metal, a substantial improvement over the plastic scan motors of the past. 

The reading engine and optics are protected by anti-shock mounts which can withstand repeated five foot drops to concrete.

A tough rubber shield cushions the barcode scanner when dropped, protects the scan window from being scratched and prevents the bar code scanner from slipping off of counter surfaces.

High end performance, advanced ergonomic design, enhanced durability- The combination of these features adds up to one of the best values in the industry.


Low power consumption

AutoSense® stand for hands-free operation


psc qs6500 bluetooth cordless barcode scanner

PSC QS6500 Bluetooth
Cordless Barcode Scanner

Cordless Barcode Scanners

  PSC QuickScan QS6500BT Bluetooth Cordless Barcode Scanner  

The PSC QS6500BT, combines the latest in linear imaging technology with certified Bluetooth cordless communications. The PSC QS6500 cordless barcode scanner is designed for customers seeking better performance in a handheld cordless barcode scanner for retail, health care, inventory, light commercial, and office applications. The PSC QS6500 Bluetooth cordless barcode scanner offer aggressive scanning performance and improved durability and reliability resulting from the elimination of the moving parts typical in older technology laser barcode scanners.

The PSC QS6500 Bluetooth cordless barcode scanner reads almost all 1D barcode symbologies at an extremely fast 450 scans per second while also offering excellent reading performance on hard-to-read barcodes. The PSC QS6500 Bluetooth cordless barcode scanner also reads most stacked 2D codes like PDF-417 and Micro PDF. The innovative charging-base station allows the PSC QS6500BT cordless barcode reader to scan barcodes while its Li-ION battery is charging.

The PSC QuickScan QS6500 Bluetooth cordless barcode scanner represents a great value by combining reliability, speed, the ability to read PDF-417 codes, and certified Bluetooth RF communication.

33 Foot Radio Range - 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty


psc magellan 1000i imaging scanner

PSC Magellan 1000i
Imaging Barcode Scanner

  PSC Magellan 1000i Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner  

The PSC Magellan 1000i omni-directional barcode scanner represents the newest breakthrough in data capture technology from PSC. The world’s first imaging based presentation scanner, the PSC Magellan 1000i imaging scanner is designed for convenience stores, drug stores, specialty stores and other medium volume checkout environments.

The Magellan 1000i omni-directional imaging scanner's solid-state construction with no moving parts increases reliability while the ultra-small size frees up valuable counter selling space. The PSC Magellan 1000i imaging scanner excels at capturing hard-to-read bar codes in an omni-directional orientation while supporting both presentation and sweep scanning styles.

The PSC Magellan 1000i imaging scanner also offers an optional targeted scanning mode for scanning close proximity barcodes like those on a pick list.

The Magellan 1000i omni-directional imaging scanner is designed for small-counter retail environments incorporates several new design wins for the user. The PSC design objectives were simple: improve checkout productivity while protecting the customer's investment by adding capabilities that would extend the typical life of the scanner.


PSC PowerScan RF cordless barcode scanner with PSC PSB1000 base station

PSC PowerScan RF
Cordless Barcode Scanner

Cordless Barcode Scanners




  PSC PowerScan RF Industrial Cordless Barcode Scanner

Utilizing the latest in Radio Frequency (RF) technology, the PSC PowerScan RF cordless barcode scanner has a range of up to 150' (PSRF1000) or 320' (PSRF7000). This allows you the freedom to scan barcodes on pallets at the other end of the loading dock or barcodes on boxes at the end of a warehouse aisle up to 150' (PSRF1000) or 320' (PSRF7000) from your PSC PowerScan base station.

The PSC PowerScan RF cordless barcode scanners unique acknowledgement tone lets you know that your data transmission was successful.  With multi-point capability the PSC PowerScan RF cordless barcode scanner allows you to assign multiple barcode scanners to a single PSC PowerScan base station thereby increasing throughput and reducing the cost of additional base stations and host terminals.

The convenient PSC PowerScan base/docking station charges the battery every time the barcode scanner is inserted.  The PSC PowerScan RF barcode scanner can operate up to 8 hours or more on a single charge of the battery pack.  Changing the battery is a quick 5 second job.  An optional four station battery charger lets you charge up to 4 battery packs at the same time.

The base station can be mounted on a counter, a wall or even a fork truck.  The uniquely designed latch keeps the PSC PowerScan RF cordless barcode scanner in place even if your fork truck is going over floor grates or speed bumps.


PSRF1000 KBW/RS232 Wireless Operation with up to 150 Feet Radio Range
PSRF7000 USB Bluetooth® Wireless Technology with up to 320 Feet Radio Range
Operates up to 8 hours on a single charge
Scanner and Base Station are IP54 rating for dust and wind-blown rain
QuadraLogic™ II decoding software for superior scanning performance
Ability to assign multiple scanners to a single base station
Drop specification of multiple 6.5 foot drops to concrete
High impact enclosure with protective rubber cushioning
Frictionless scan mechanism
Shock mounted optical components
Diamond coated, shatter-proof window
Flash memory for easy field upgrades
PSRF1000 (KBW/RS232) 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty
PSRF7000 (USB) 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty


Discontinued PSC Barcode Scanners

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