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3m touch systems touchscreen monitor elo touchsystems touchscreen monitor
3M Touch Systems Microtouch Brand CRT touchscreen monitor 3M Touch Systems Microtouch Brand LCD touchscreen monitor

3M Touch Systems Microtouch Brand Desktop CRT Touchscreen Monitor

Microtouch Brand 15 Inch CRT touchscreen monitor / Microtouch Brand 17 Inch CRT touchscreen monitor

Microtouch Brand Resistive touchscreen monitor - Microtouch Brand Capacitive touchscreen monitor

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  3M Touch Systems Microtouch Brand Touchscreen Monitor - DISCONTINUED

3M Touch Systems TruePoint™ ValueLine monitors - Microtouch Brand signature CRT touchscreen monitor family - provide the optimal touchscreen monitor solution for any touch-enabled integration program.

Economical, reliable, and ready-to-ship, Microtouch ValueLine touchscreen monitors offer a broad range of screen sizes, and touch technologies.

TouchTek® 5 resistive touch screen technology provides fast, accurate, and reliable touch when input flexibility is the most important consideration.  TouchTek responds to the touch of fingernails, credit cards, gloved-hands, or fingers - almost anything a user finds handy.

ClearTek™ 3000 capacitive touchscreen technology provides accuracy and sensitivity to the user's touch, while offering outstanding durability - providing scratch-resistance for daily use and contaminant-resistance to dirt, liquids, and even harsh chemicals.

All 3M Touch Systems MicroTouch Brand touchscreen monitors are fully-tested to ensure they operate to the highest levels of performance. 

Each 3M Touch Systems Microtouch Brand touchscreen monitor is individually-engineered using ISO-9001 procedures and is UL and FCC compliant.

The 3M Touch Systems Microtouch Brand ValueLine CRT touch screen monitor offers high reliability and specifications at competitive prices.


3m Touch Systems Microtouch Brand CRT touchscreen monitors

3M Touch Systems MicroTouch
CRT Touchscreen Monitor






  3M Touch Systems Microtouch Brand Resistive Touchscreen Monitor   

Resistive Touch Technology
(activated by any input stylus).

  • PC-Based Serial Controller, Ideal Etch
  • Gasket sealed for water resistance
  • Engineered to ISO 9001 standards
  • UL and FCC compliant

MicroTouch Systems' 5-wire touch screen, offers the highest level of durability of any resistive touchscreen.  TouchTek% is constructed of a hard coated polyester topsheet that is overlaid on a conductively-coated glass layer.   Voltage is applied to the topsheet.  As the user touches the screen, the topsheet compresses into contact with the glass layer, and current flows to the four corners in proportion to the distance from the edge.  The TouchTek5 controller then calculates the position of the finger or stylus, based on the current flows.

Because 5-wire technology derives both the "X" and "Y" touch coordinates from the stable glass layer, the accuracy and operation of TouchTek5 is unaffected by damage to the topsheet caused by extended use or neglect.

Touch Activation Force Less than 127 grams / 5 ounces
Surface Hardness Scratch hardness 3H, per ASTM 3363-92A
Finger Touch Durability Greater than 20 million touches in a single location
  3M Touch Systems Microtouch Brand Capacitive Touchscreen Monitor   

Capacitive Touch Technology
(durable, reliable, finger sensitive)

  • PC-Based Serial Controller, NL Etch
  • Bonded for shatter-proof performance and improved optics
  • Gasket sealed for water resistance
  • Engineered to ISO 9001 standards
  • UL and FCC compliant

MicroTouch Systems' next generation capacitive touchscreen, offers unmatched durability, reliability, and optical clarity for public-access and your business applications.  Popular applications are gaming machines, and Point of Sale.  ClearTek 3000's ultra-smooth overcoat drastically increases physical durability by resisting scratches and abrasions to the touch screen surface.  ClearTek 3000's performance is unaffected by everyday contaminants and its ultra-smooth overcoat sets new standards for environmental robustness by causing liquids to more readily bead up and slide off the touchscreen.

ClearTek 3000 touchscreens are constructed of an all-glass sensor with a transparent, thin-film conductive coating applied to its surface.  An electrode pattern is precisely printed along the edge on the conductive layer.  A transparent glass overcoat (ClearTek 3000) is fused over the conductive coating to protect and seal the sensor.  The glass sensor is often etched to provide the suitable clarity and anti-reflective properties for the touchscreen application.

How ClearTek 3000 Works:

Voltage is applied to the screen and the electrode pattern uniformly distributes a low-voltage field over the conductive layer.   When a finger touches the screen, it "capacitively couples" with the voltage field, drawing a minute amount of current to the point of contact.  The current flow from each corner is proportional to the distance from the corner to the finger.  The touchscreen simply calculates the flow proportions to locate the touch.

Technology Capacitive
Touch Contact Required As low as 3ms.
Conversion Speed Up to 200 touch points per second at 19,\.2K baud.
Construction Glass sheet with transparent conductive coating beneath glass overcoat.  Electrodes printed on the perimeter.
Touch Life Greater than 20 million touches in any one location.
Contaminants touchscreen unaffected by almost any contaminant buildup such as dirt, dust, grease, smoke, peanut butter, etc.
Chemical Resistance ClearTek 3000 is highly resistant to corrosives.
Cleaning Water, isopropyl alcohol, Windex, and similar non-abrasive cleaners. 

  3M Touch Systems Microtouch Brand Touch Screen Monitor Specifications   

Product Description

Microtouch 15 Inch touchscreen

Microtouch 17 Inch touchscreen

ClearTek II Capacitive 11-9112-129 / 11-9113-129 11-9212-129 / 41-9217-112
Technology Size / Type 15" FST (14.0" Viewable) Invar Mask 15" FST (14.0" Viewable) Invar Mask
Display Size 10.6" x 7.9" Normal
11.0" x 8.3" Full Screen
11.8" x 8.9" Normal
12.6" x 9.5" Full Screen
Display Colors Unlimited Colors Unlimited Colors
CRT Pitch .27mm dot .26mm dot
CRT Faceplate Non-Glare, Anti-Static Non-Glare, Anti-Static
Maximum Resolution 1280 x 1024 / 60 Hz NI 1600 x 1200 / 76 Hz NI
Display Capability Auto-Sync within Scan Frequencies Auto-Sync within Scan Frequencies
Horizontal Scanning Frequencies 30-72 kHz 30-98 kHz
Vertical Scanning Frequencies 150-160 Hz 150-160 Hz
Sync Signaling Horizontal / Vertical, TTL Level Horizontal / Vertical, TTL Level
Functional Features
Monitor Control Type Digital Microprocessor OSD Digital Microprocessor OSD
Memory Modes 6 Factory Presets
6 User-Settable
12 Factory Presets
7 User-Settable
VESA Plug and Play Level DDCI/2B DDCI/2B
Front Panel Buttons / Controls Power Select, Adjust, OSD Power Select, Adjust, OSD
On-Screen Adjustment Brightness, Contrast, Horizontal / Vertical size and position, pincushion, trapezoid, color temperature and RGB levels Brightness, Contrast, Horizontal / Vertical size and position, pincushion, trapezoid, parallelogram, pinbalance, rotation, color temperature, mode recall, degauss
Physical Features
Cable Connector 15 pin D-sub 15 pin D-sub
Power Requirements 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption 90 Watts Max. 130 Watts Max.
Tilt / Swivel Base Detachable Detachable
Dimensions (W x H x D) 14.2" x 13.9" x 15.4"
362 mm x 352 mm x 390 mm
16.3" x 16.2" x 18.0"
414 mm x 410 mm x 458 mm
Weight (Net) 29 lbs. / 13.2 kg 36 lbs. / 16.4 kg
Mean Time Between Failure 40,000 hrs. (excludes CRT) 40,000 hrs. (excludes CRT)
Safety / Regulatory UL/CUL, FCC-A, DHHS, TUV-GS, EPS Energy Star, CE UL/CUL, FCC-A, DHHS, TUV-GS, EPS Energy Star
Warranty 3 Years on Monitor
5 Years on touchscreen
5 Years on Controller
3 Years on Monitor
5 Years on touchscreen
5 Years on Controller


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